Title: Land, City & Sea in Watercolor Workshops 

Moors and Dales.jpg

The charm and strength of the watercolor medium comes from its luminosity, fluidity and transparency. While these qualities provide great atmosphere to a painting, they cannot be achieved without the artist being able to work with adequate water using the wet-on-wet technique.   This is the ultimate challenge for those who want to master the medium.  Painting in this fashion takes skill, artistic judgement and imagination, and courage, but it also can provide tremendous satisfaction.

These workshops can focus on landscape, cityscape or waterscape, or be a combination. A workshop can range from one to five days according to your venue's need. The instruction is tailored to watercolor artists from advanced beginner to advanced levels. 

Through step-by-step live demonstration, JJ will bring a painting to completion each day, showing how to use various techniques to transform a scene into an atmospheric/poetic painting.  After each demo segment, he will guide participants in their individual work. Participants will have approximately 4 hours each day to finish their paintings.  JJ will provide the photos to be used for reference in the classroom.  Focus will be given to the wet-on-wet technique of watercolor. He will also talk about drawing, value, color and painterly approach. Throughout the workshop, JJ will share his personal insight and wisdom as it relates to watercolor painting. At the end of each day JJ will provide a critique and question/answer session.