Title: Exploring Watercolor Painting with JJ Jiang 

This watercolor painting workshop is designed to grow artists’ confidence, competence and comfort level with the medium of watercolor. Through painting different subjects each day, instruction will focus on drawing, composition, and specific watercolor techniques including dry-on-dry and wet-on-wet. Using photographs as references, participants will explore different subjects each day. Suggested sequence for a three-day workshop:

               Day one: exploring flora / still life

               Day two: exploring land or waterscapes

               Day three: exploring portrait or figurative subjects. 

JJ will give both quick as well as step-by-step demonstrations with clear instruction, along with personal guidance according to the need of each participant.  Throughout the workshop, JJ will share his personal insight and wisdom as it relates to watercolor painting. At the end of each day JJ will provide a critique and question/answer session.

This workshop could also be offered as a four or five day format with further development given to any of the above subjects.  JJ can explore further possibilities with you.