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JJ welcomes the opportunity to teach at your venue.  Please contact him to learn more about what workshops he currently has to offer. 

Phone: 919.614.1890  Email:


JJ believes...

  1. Art must be rooted in life, drawing inspiration from all aspects of culture and living. 

  2. To elevate one's art, one must elevate the mind.  Art reflects the mind of its creator.

  3. There are no secrets in painting, only strong fundamentals and honest work.  JJ will always focus on the fundamentals of art--no gimmicks , no tricks.

  4. Drawing is the very foundation of painting. Though teaching painting, JJ will emphasize the importance of drawing.


JJ approaches teaching by... 

  1. Giving demos with step-by step explanation (from life or photo)

  2. Working with participants individually

  3. Sharing his knowledge and perspectives from both western and eastern cultures, often using stories and analogies to communicate points in meaningful and clear ways.

  4. Offering critique sessions designed (both group & individual) based solely on fundamentals to develop participants' awareness of strengths and weakness in their work .

  5. Instead of focusing on producing one specific painting, JJ focuses on teaching a method which can be applied to future work and used to with different mediums.

JJ's strengths include...

  1. Solid training and skill in drawing

  2. Exceptional understanding of perspectives (from his many years of study and application)

  3. Cultural and historical understanding (wide view)

  4. Confidence with demos -from life or photo

  5. Versatility - excels in different mediums and subjects

  6. Ability to approach teaching both intellectually  and poetically 

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